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Tuesday, March 5, 2013


The Orange Aura Colors characteristic is fearless, powerful, heedless of their own safety, they shake their fists in the face of God.  This Aura colors enjoy the thrill and excitement of physical challenge.
they like high risk adventure , whether it be climbing the rigging of a four-master sailing vessel, dangling over the side of a sheer mountain wall, or tracking a wild animal. Oranges get a thrill from the danger they perceive themselves to be in.
Oranges Always planning The next challenge. they will actually do their plan rather than stay in the their imagination, sometime they take  away the safety devices creating a greater risk to themselves and therefore a greater thrill when it occurs.


The orange not really good on current educational system, orange is very intelligent but they more survivor  and daredevil rather than intellectuals, they used their intelligent to make a plan from next high risk adventure,  this will be caused discipline problem in their school , the parents should learn how to gave their kids the freedom and space to develop their skill necessary to survive without becoming worries to much with their safety.

From the emotional perspective, Orange are entirely self-centered in their relationship to life, Oranges are unable and unwilling to modify their behavior to accommodate the fears or concerns of loved ones.
Emotionally, Oranges are unavailable unless they are planning an event or
retelling those they have lived through. I heir emotional response is at the primitive level
of human existence. This Personality Spectrum color does not seem to care for the
nuances of human emotion, responding only to raw physical courage and the passion that
it arouses. Tenderness, compassion, and consideration for others have no real meaning
for Oranges. They feel life as strong bold splashes of color, not weak pastels. Therefore,
they do not form emotional bonds with others. Emotionally, they are loners, almost
narcissistic in the emphasis they place on their needs and wants. This aura color seems to
live out every man's fantasy of himself: to take the physical dare and to come home
unscathed. Oranges also earn the respect, awe, and adulation of others, but they do not
seem to care if the world is impressed by their feats. They do not do them for the benefit
of others, only for themselves.

Orange Aura Colors not interesting with leader ship,  They simply want to be free to do their own plan, As competitors, Oranges choose individual rather than team sports. They like
high-speed auto racing, for example, because it allows them to test their physical
prowess, mental agility, and courage. Their first challenge is the automobile: Will it do
what it is designed to do? The second is the environment the weather, track, distance,
and time. Only then are they concerned with the competition between themselves and
other drivers. in the career option This Aura Colors will suit with physical type jobs, like bomb squad member, stuntman, explorer, firefighter, race car driver, skydiver  and  all jobs with risk, They see all of life as a contest, a duel to the death.

Monday, March 4, 2013

the Colors meaning

Aura Colors meaning

As we explain before Aura Meaning is a kind of light or energy that surrounds the human body, from the Aura colors we can read the character , healthy , luck from someone aura. we can see someone who has a problem in their life   from their Aura Colors, if the negative aura is dominate its make their live away from success and wellness, but don't worry aura can be change I will explain it in another articles.

The Aura is not Mystical thing is pure natural  phenomena, it can be proof or see with modern technology .  the experiment of human aura begin  in 1935 by Russian professor name S kirlian. He developed  some kind of photography camera with high voltage to see the energy from the human body

this technology known as Kirlian photography, this technology use biofeedback sensor attached in both hand and send it to the camera, and the camera will print it on Polaroid photo paper.

aura colors image

after the aura photography invented, the experts have a research about the colors of the aura, how to read and analyze the colors closely related to the condition and state of a person.

from the research can be assume  the aura colors meaning below :


People who dominate with this  aura colors have several common characteristics, which have the sensuality, physical strength , hardworking, aggressive, and high vitality. the negative is  bossy , grumpy  or bad tempered , nervous


People who have the basic colors have some common characteristics :  productive, positive, adventurous, creative, has a natural intuitive ability, thoughtful, business oriented. the negative is lazy , doesn't care.


People who have the basic colors have some common characteristics : thorough, intellectual, creative, warmth, optimism, generous, joy, brainy. the negative is sometime the intelligent they have use to trick people.


people who have this basic colors have some common characteristics  such as : peaceful, social, close to nature, good communication with people, harmonies, teacher, a good host. usually this basic colors good in public services kind of business.


People who have this basic colors have some common characteristics  such as : sensitive, loving and caring, peaceful, a desire to help others, honest, traveling, can keep secret, the negative is difficult to completing the task.


People who have this basic colors have some common characteristics  such as : intuitive, artistic, idealistic, magical, sensual, charming, uncompromising, inventor.


People who have this basic colors have some common characteristics  such as : full of imagination, mystical, dreamer, artistic, gentle, sensitive, ambition , stubborn.


People who have this basic colors have some common characteristics  such as : transformative, transcendent, spiritual, healer, enlightenment, sensitive, in not good physical condition


People who have this basic colors have some common characteristics  such as : egoism, selfish, emotional, cheap, cheater, greedy.


People who have this basic colors have some common characteristics  such as : charismatic, hard worker, high responsibility, patient, success.

     The Aura colors is not static, can be still or even worse than the previous conditions, depend on the many factor, to maintain stability of the  aura that radiates positive values ​​then need tranquility and away from negative thoughts that will damage the radiant aura itself.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

The meaning of aura

The aura is the electromagnetic energy
field that emanates from all living things. The Aura colors and patterns within this energy field
constitute a kind of blueprint of a person’s soul, a chart of the individual's potential.
Aura is kind of luminous egg-shaped cloud of pulsing energy that surrounds the
human body. It extends out from the body about six feet in all directions. It is made up of
concentric bands or layers of colored light that travel in patterns around the body. Each color in the auric spectrum can vary
greatly in hue and value. The more in touch we are with our own unique talents and
skills, the richer, more luminous the colors in our aura will be. The colors of individuals
who are emotionally withdrawn or have given up on life tend to fade into thin pastel
washes. Good physical, mental, and emotional health is seen in clear, bright colors.
Depression, anger, and self-pity tend to muddy the aura colors.

The aura Personality Spectrums system provides a structure that can help people
to identify, categorize, and comprehend their innate capabilities and talents. When
individuals are able to focus their energies in the direction in which their soul-river is
flowing, they are then able to identify opportunities that are uniquely theirs. This
capability allows individuals to act with confidence, poise, and self-assurance. Therefore,
by working with their innate skills and abilities, they maximize their opportunities for
finding productive, satisfying work and loving, supportive relationships. When people
work with their aura color, they give themselves the gift of personal peace, enhanced by a
sense of personal fulfillment.
The aura is multidimensional. In addition to the molecules of colored light, the
aura also has size. Some people's auras are large and full of information while others' are
thin, indicating lives that are spiritually, mentally, and emotionally undernourished. The
shape of the aura is indicative of the general health and well-being of an individual. It
identifies areas of the body where an individual holds stress. The aura's texture is a result
of the arrangement of the particles of light. A thick aura indicates the ability to search
within oneself for information with which to solve problems. The aura also emits
patterns, which are determined by the direction in which the molecules of light flow.
These flow patterns indicate the general attitude an individual has toward life. An active
pattern means that a person is engaging life in a healthy way. Sound is the high-pitched
whine, or hum, that the aura emits. These six components combine to create a symbolic
language which, when decoded, has provided the basis of the Personality Spectrums
For fifty years, Kirlian photography has been used to study the high-frequency
energy fields known as the aura. The purpose has been to document the phenomenon of
electromagnetic energy that emanates from all living organisms. Thelma Moss and
Valerie Hunt of the University of California at Los Angeles have done extensive
photographing of the aura using this process. Moss's research shows how the aura is
represented by a blue flame like glow emanating from the human body.